Fast & Reliable Digital Vehicle Inspection Services

Integrity 1st wants to let you know what’s wrong with your vehicles and what work they need to do to ensure they are in the best condition. Our digital vehicle inspections allow techs to send photos and videos of the work done as proof of repair.

What Do We Do In Our Digital Vehicle Inspection Service?

The digital vehicle examination comprises an examination of exterior and interior components. Firstly, our inspector will look for any dents, scratches or rust in the body while ensuring that the light, mirrors, windshield, and windows are intact. Inside the vehicle, he’ll look for seats, seatbelts, dashboards, air conditioning, heating, horn and infotainment systems. Under the hood, the engine is inspected for leaks, unusual noises and fluid levels. Alongside this, exhaust systems, suspension, and brakes will be inspected. Other things that will be checked at the digital inspection visit are:

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What Does A Digital Auto Inspection Look like?


An Inspection Checklist Is Prepared

Our technicians will create a list of parts covered during the inspection, including tasks like checking brakes, suspension, fluids, and more. He’ll even run the engine to diagnose any hidden fault or might conduct a wheel alignment.

A Repair Order Is Made

A repair order is crafted against the vehicle in question. This covers all the basic information about the customer, like the customer's name, phone number, address, and car make/model.

Records Are Captured Using Videos & Images

Our technicians will capture videos and images for documentation purposes. They may capture a picture of a broken rear mirror or non-functional tail light. The vehicle’s condition may be considered a good, slight problem, or flawed.

An Inspection Report Is Created and Send To The Customers

Once the inspection is done, a report will be created that will include all the vehicle findings. This report is sent to the customers for review before starting the work on the vehicle.

Why Is It A Blessing To Choose Us As Your Auto Repair Service Provider?

ASE-Certified for All Makes & Models

We are the leaders in the market, and we have state-of-the-art technology and ASE-certified technicians at our place. We make sure that our technicians are well-equipped with the knowledge to perform auto maintenance services with care.

3-Year/ 36000 Miles Warranty

We aim to win your confidence, so we offer a 3-year and 36000 miles nationwide warranty. We make sure that you are satisfied with our services by every means.

FREE Uber Shuttle Service

We at Integrity 1st aim to provide convenience to you. With our free Uber service, we'll pick up your vehicle from your desired location and will give it a drop-off at your car park.

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Traditionally, vehicle inspection involved pen and paper, and every part of the vehicle was either marked as good or bad. This paper was attached to the invoice generated by the customers. Now it’s changed. Now, the techs at Auto Shops can capture images and videos of worn-out parts and share them with the customers to enhance trust in the repairers without letting them think they’re overcharged.

The DVIs have evolved the automotive industry significantly, allowing the repair process to get faster and streamlined with previous diagnoses and future inspections. Moreover, it will enable inspection service providers to scroll the images digitally rather than wasting time checking through the stack of papers. It saves the cost spent on paper and the environment as well. Also, it improves customer satisfaction and brings greater average repair orders. 

A few things that are covered during digital inspection: 


  • The car is the one identified as per the car number. Any modifications are legal and recorded.
  • The general state of bodywork. No excessive damage
  • Tires, tread depth, and condition
  • Chassis/body alignment, damage/corrosion
  • Suspension (play in bushes, state of shock absorbers/dampers
  • Steering joints and linkages
  • wheel and steering alignment
  • Wheel bearings
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Windows and windshield undamaged
  • Registration plates fixed and legal
  • The exhaust is damaged and not corroded
  • Exhaust decibel level within legal limits
  • Emissions within legal limits
  • Seatbelts fitted and functioning
  • The seats are adequately fixed
  • And more

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