Here you’ll find press releases, news coverage and some of the industry awards that we’ve earned by bringing the Integrity 1st difference to our local communities!


North Texas Food Bank

Our 2021 food drive was a great success thanks to the unconditional love and support from our clients! We were able to provide over 500 pounds of food to children and families in need. For those who donated, you’ve helped serve 429 meals to your community members in need.

Townhall Academy Podcast

Learn from three shop owners who have multiple locations and their strategy to drive business to their new locations. They offer their ups and downs, what worked, and what didn’t. Many of you know that the real work starts way before the doors even open.

Remarkable Results Podcast

Kevin Syed, Owner of Integrity 1st Automotive was invited to speak with Carm Capriotto on the #1 automotive industry podcast! He discusses the challenges and opportunities of scaling the business without compromosing on the client experience and integrity.

CarFax Awards Integrity 1st

For the second year in a row, CarFax has honored Integrity 1st Automotive as being one of the Top Rated Service Centers in the nation! This designation is only awarded through receiving hundreds of verified reviews from CARFAX Car Care members after having work done with us.

AAA Approved Auto Repair

This award is not to be taken lightly, it is only awarded to the TOP 1% auto repair shops accross North America! Becoming AAA Approved is no easy feat – it is rigorous process with AAA performing client surveys, shop tours, technician interviews, liability and credit checks.

Radio Caravan Interview

Our Founder was hosted by Shabnam Modgil on Radio Caravan to discuss Integrity 1st Automotive’s rise to local fame and community involvement! The interview also includes Kevin’s advice to prospective entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their industries.


Officially RepairPal Certified

Integrity 1st Automotive repair centers are RepairPal certified after meeting and exceeding strict criterion. A review of our mechanics, tools, survey of past customers, and a review of our pricing standards cross-referenced by thousands of repair orders!

Voyage Dallas Feature

Integrity 1st Automotive was featured on VoyageDallas through recommendations by community members! Our Founder and CEO, Kevin Syed, discusses the perils of the auto repair industry and how Integrity 1st was specifically modeled to transform customer perceptions about what an auto repair shop can and should be!


Shoutout DFW Interview

Our Founder and CEO was interviewed by Shoutout DFW, Dallas’ premier publication for small businesses, artists & creatives! The article highlights Kevin’s story and an overview of the hurdles and triumphs he faced when moving his family to the DFW to bring his vision to life.