Engine and Transmissions Services: Keeping Your Engines In The Sweet Spot

Whether manual, automatic, or CVTs, your transmissions and engines must synchronize to power up your vehicle. Either at fault will not power your cars to run on the roads. What if we tell you that we are the gurus of transmission and engine repair services and can help your automobile always stay in its spirits?

What Does It Include In Our Engine and Transmission Services?

Over time, normal wear and tear and covering massive miles are a few reasons your engine needs to be serviced. You may also be experiencing some transmission problems, but you can’t afford to have a new car. What’s the solution, then? Find a reliable auto repair provider who solely takes responsibility for your vehicles. A faulty transmission can massively affect your vehicle’s performance as it connects the engine to the wheels. Symptoms include grinding gears, shifting difficulty, gear slipping, clutch issues, burning smells, and overheating. Most transmission failures result from overheating and infrequent services. Regular maintenance service removes deposits, sludge, and debris, ensuring smooth shifting. Get your vehicle serviced for the following only by competent technicians at Integrity 1st:

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Joseph Morales
3rd time coming here and every time they make me feel very welcomed! C.J. and Nick are very knowledgeable and WILL HELP you!
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Blake Bolgiano
Great service
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sunil tiwari
Overall customer service was excellent I highly recommend integrity Auto for your car services. Really impressed with Nick’s services. Thank you
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Sathish kumar Rajasekar
Nick and Uji done the service very quickly for state inspection
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peeyush aggarwal
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Trish S
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Anoop Kuruvila
Prompt service and help from CJ and Nick
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Will Douglass
CJ and Nick did a fantastic job servicing my vehicle and identifying any issues. They made the process seamless and my truck is running noticeably better. 10/10 will come here again.

Find Out Who’s Problematic: The Engine or The Transmission?

As a car owner, you must know your vehicle’s health. You must look for signs and symptoms that demand a visit to an auto shop where the problems will be catered and corrected to provide you with a vehicle that’s self-functioning and healthy to roll on the roads. Here are some of the problems you must not ignore: visit Integrity 1sr for spot-on diagnosis and corrections.


Strange Sounds

Strange sounds from inside your vehicle are an indicator of engine and transmission problems. Engine malfunction gives a hissing, popping, or whirring sound. These sounds stay for short intervals. On the other hand, transmission problems are identified with whirring, humming, or clunking noise that lasts a long.

Hesitation and Shifting Problems

If you feel gears are slipping, especially when switching from park to drive, it indicates hesitation and shifting problems. This may be due to the clogging of the catalytic converter, which will run into overdrive, making it harder to shift transmission.

Burning Smell

A loose oil filter, dripping oil, or faulty oil plug will likely give off a sweeter burnt smell. Leaks from other fluids, like transmission fluid, will give a burning-like smell.

Emission Issues

You must have a faulty engine filter if your vehicle produces higher emission levels. Getting it changed will solve the issue.

Starter Sputtering Motor

Sometimes, the starter motor fails to work when you turn the key in the ignition. This may be due to several causes, such as clogged spark plugs, sensors, weak batteries, and destroyed fuel pumps. You may also get parts that are associated with a secondary ignition system checked.

Leaking Radiators

Radiators collect rust and sediment that damage the engine. This can happen due to weak coolant, bad car thermostat, or overfilling the radiator. This issue can simply be fixed by installing a leakage stopper.

How Often Should You Get Your Engines And Transmissions Serviced?

Your engine has to be serviced by changing engine oil every 5000 to 6000 miles, while your transmission shouldn’t be serviced that frequently. Get your transmissions serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles; modern vehicles need servicing after 100,000 miles. Refer to your vehicle’s manual for recommended service intervals or trust Integrity to get your cars, SUVs, and trucks serviced. Standard transmission service at Integrity 1st involves draining old transmission fluid from the pan and installing a newer fluid. Changing transmission filters is also recommended at this stage.

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ASE-Certified for All Makes & Models

At Integrity 1st, we are confident in treating your vehicles like our baby. Our ASE-certified professionals undergo rigorous training to deal with the problems in your engines and transmissions.

No Gimmicks, No Pressure

We are very transparent and honest when providing our services. You can trust our team to provide honest, straightforward service without any high-pressure sales tactics or hidden fees.

3-Year/ 36000 Miles Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our industry-leading 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all repairs and services. We intend to provide you with trust in our services. We aim to build your confidence by taking care of your reservations.

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Although this may appear unconnected, serious problems may arise when shifting to higher-level gears. The engine may overheat, which can, in turn, damage the transmissions.

Technically, you should, and you may get a repair then and there. If you don’t, the transmission may damage other parts of the vehicle, which may cause higher repair bills.

Gears are designed to transfer energy from the engine to the wheels. These are vital vehicle components that help with functionality. 

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