Revive Your Ride with Transmission Fluid Change Services!

Don’t let aging fluids slow you down! Integrity 1st Automotive‘s BG Fluid Exchange uses premium fluids with expert service at an honest price.  keeps your car running smooth.  Proactive care for peak performance!

What to Expect with Your BG Fluid Exchange?

Integrity 1st Automotive‘s BG fluid exchange is like a complete internal cleanse for your car.  We use BG products,  recognized as some of the industry’s best, to ensure optimal performance.

Fluid Exchange Service replaces worn-out fluid in your car’s transmission or differential with durable transmission fluid, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection for your vehicle’s transmission system.

Transmission fluid exchanges address worn-out fluid that can cause slipping, shifting issues, and overheating. Differential fluid exchanges target problems like whining noises, clunking, and difficulty turning. Our Fluid Exchange Services cover:

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Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales
3rd time coming here and every time they make me feel very welcomed! C.J. and Nick are very knowledgeable and WILL HELP you!
Blake Bolgiano
Blake Bolgiano
Great service
sunil tiwari
sunil tiwari
Overall customer service was excellent I highly recommend integrity Auto for your car services. Really impressed with Nick’s services. Thank you
Sathish kumar Rajasekar
Sathish kumar Rajasekar
Nick and Uji done the service very quickly for state inspection
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peeyush aggarwal
Nik and CJ are very nice guy and the services are too good. Must visit place for inspection.
Trish S
Trish S
Nick and his team were quick and easy! They made you feel at home and they were very informative.
Anoop Kuruvila
Anoop Kuruvila
Prompt service and help from CJ and Nick
Will Douglass
Will Douglass
CJ and Nick did a fantastic job servicing my vehicle and identifying any issues. They made the process seamless and my truck is running noticeably better. 10/10 will come here again.

Why Does Your Car Need BG Fluid Exchange Service?

Today’s cars push transmissions harder than ever, generating extreme heat. This heat breaks down vital transmission fluid, leading to deposits, corrosion, and ultimately, hard shifting and potential failure.  Without a healthy transmission, your car goes nowhere. Here’s how Integrity 1st Automotive protects your investment:


Enhanced performance:

Just like you perform better when you're well-hydrated, your car relies on clean fluids for optimal performance.

Smoother shifts, effortless driving:

Fresh, high-quality BG fluids combat deposits and corrosion, keeping your transmission shifting smoothly.

Extended Component Life:

Fresh fluids lubricate and cool components effectively, minimizing wear and tear, leading to a longer lifespan for your transmission, differential, and other systems.

Prevent problems:

Don't let dirty fluids grind your gears (or worse)! Integrity 1st's Transmission Fluid Change prevents transmission slips, brake fade, steering struggles & overheating.

How often to Suggest a BG Fluid Exchange Service?

If your transmission fluid appears dark and contaminated, especially in vehicles used for towing, hauling, or under severe operation conditions, it’s advisable to consider servicing within a 30,000-mile interval since the last transmission service. There could be check lights too indicating low transmission issues.

This is particularly important if paired with any transmission or driveline repairs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your vehicle’s transmission system. Here’s a general guideline for suggesting BG fluid exchange service at Integrity 1st Automotive:

Transmission Fluid Exchange: Every 30,000-60,000 miles, or sooner for severe driving conditions.

Differential Fluid Exchange: Every 50,000-100,000 miles, or as recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

Brake Fluid Exchange: Every 2-4 years, or if there’s a noticeable decrease in braking performance.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange: Every 30,000-50,000 miles, or if the steering feels stiff or unresponsive.

Coolant System Exchange: Every 30,000-50,000 miles, or as recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

Why Choose Integrity 1st Automotive for Fluid Exchange Service?

We’re passionate about keeping your car running smoothly and safely for miles to come. That’s why we offer BG fluid exchange services, featuring industry-leading fluids and ASE-certified expertise you can trust.

Choose Integrity 1st Automotive for your Vehicle Care Services! Our BG-Certified techs use top-tier fluids for peak performance. Prevent future problems, enjoy smoother driving, and get peace of mind. Schedule today!

Top-Tier Fluids:

We exclusively use BG fluids, known for their quality and performance, to keep your car running at its peak.

Preventative Maintenance:

BG maintenance services are a proactive way to avoid costly repairs down the road.


We offer a variety of BG fluid exchange services to fit your needs, all performed quickly and efficiently.

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A BG Fluid Exchange is a service that uses a specialized machine to remove worn-out fluid from a specific component in your car (e.g., transmission, differential) and replace it with fresh, high-quality BG brand fluid. This ensures complete removal of old fluid compared to traditional drain and refill methods.

BG offers a variety of high-performance transmission fluids designed for different vehicle types and driving conditions. These fluids are formulated to provide excellent lubrication, reduce wear and tear, and improve shifting performance.

The exact time for a BG transmission flush can vary depending on the shop and the specific vehicle. Generally, it takes 30 minutes to an hour.

BG fluid exchanges at Integrity 1st Automotive revitalize your car with fresh, high-quality fluids. This means smoother operation, better performance, and potentially fewer repairs down the road. From preventing slipping gears to ensuring sharp braking, BG fluid exchanges keep your car performance optimal.

Similar to a transmission exchange, a BG differential service utilizes a machine to remove old, worn differential fluid and replace it with fresh BG differential fluid specifically designed for differentials. This helps maintain proper lubrication and reduce wear on gears.

A BG Brake Flush removes old, moisture-contaminated brake fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid. Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, which can lower its boiling point and compromise braking performance. A BG brake flush ensures optimal braking power and safety.

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