Engine Air Filter Replacement Services: Make Your Vehicle’s Engine Last Forever

Is your engine not giving you the performance that you are used to? It could be your engine air filter. Don’t worry! Unless you like your engines to get all the dirt and dust from the environment, you’ll probably opt for engine repair filter services to make your engine live longer. Though it is one of the most underestimated car parts, getting it checked and replaced is as crucial as checking your engine’s health.

Our Engine Air Filter Replacement Service Looks Something Like This

At Integrity 1st, we understand the importance of clean air for your vehicle’s health. Outside dirt and contamination can adversely affect the back of your vehicle and can cost you a lot of bucks, too. A clean engine filter can provide ultimate protection to your cars, trucks, SUVs, and whichever vehicle you own. Our efficient technicians will change the dirty filters to improve the efficiency and performance of the vehicle, thereby reducing stress and engine wear. Our services include:

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Joseph Morales
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Signs You Might Need To Know to Get Your Car Air Filter Replaced

Knowing when to replace air filters is crucial to your engine’s health, your car’s health, and your own health. If you dare to risk all three mentioned health, you may skip this part. 


Reduced Fuel Efficiency

A dirty air filter puts more stress on the engine, causing it to work harder. This causes a decrease in gas mileage, which means more fuel is consumed to produce the same power. If this is exactly what your vehicle is experiencing, bring it to us.

The Engine Light Is On

If the engine light on your dashboard is on, it refers to a lot of underlying problems. One problem may be dirty air filters. Over time, dirty filters affect the engine, and that’s why the light goes on. Get your vehicle inspected.

Jerking Movements When You Accelerate

If you step on the gas, and the car jerks forward, then probably there’s something wrong with your engine air filters. Your engine might not be getting fresh air to perform due to clogged and dirty filters.

Your Car Misfires

Starting your car would be difficult if an inadequate amount of air passes the air filter. If your car stays idle or misfires, you’ll need a filter change.

How Often Should You Replace Your Air Filters?

Just like other aspects of your car, check the air filter periodically. It’s not uncommon to see twigs, leaves, and small pieces of debris. Simply pick those out and dust off the air filter before getting it replaced at Integrity 1st.

Although the replacement varies from make to make and model to model (you may check the user’s manual for a thorough guide), it mainly depends on your use and your environmental conditions. We recommend installing new air filters every 12 months for 12000 miles.

Unless you drive a lot in very dusty conditions, as often as the manufacturer says in the owner’s handbook or service manual. The number varies depending on the exact vehicle (what air filter the designers of that car picked). Some are very basic services [in other words, oil changes and such], which may be 6000 miles (10 000 km), 12 000 miles (20 000 km) or 15 000 miles (25 000 km). Some are every other basic service, so twice one of those numbers.

Our air filter services are meant to provide easy driving every mile. Our technicians know how to care for your car’s engine and will guide you through precisely what your vehicle needs.

What Makes Us Unique and Different From Others?

ASE-Certified for All Makes & Models

Our technicians are well-versed in changing air filters and providing you with other car services. They undergo specific training and pass certain tests before getting hired at Integrity 1st to perform auto maintenance services.

Digital Vehicle Inspections with Every Service

If you fear being overcharged at our place, don’t worry. We digitally inspect your vehicles and provide you with a digital report before starting working on your vehicles.

3-Year/ 36000 Miles Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our industry-leading 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all repairs and services. We intend to provide you with trust in our services. We aim to build your confidence by taking care of your reservations.

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Just like any other filter, engine air filters trap particles like mold, pollen, and dirt to keep the engine clean and safe from harmful substances. Most cars have two filters: one that prevents polluted air from getting into the engine and the other that cleanses the air that moves into the cabin via a ventilation system called a cabin filter.

Although the job of an air filter is to remove the contaminants that reach your car’s engine, it offers many other benefits:

1) Clean air and fuel reach the engine to maximize the car’s performance.

2) It improves fuel economy due to optimum efficiency.

3) It increases the overall horsepower because clean air allows your engine to breathe properly.

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