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Whether you want our technicians to come to your garage for fleet repair or maintenance or you want our services in your desired location, we’ll come to you. At Integrity 1st, we provide custom-built mobile services to support your vehicles. Our fleet services can tackle preventive, maintenance, and dot inspections anytime, anywhere.

Streamline Your Fleet Fleet Repair Services With Us

Your assets must be spot-on and high-fi to make the most of the business. With us, there’s no need to take your assets off-site and off-field for servicing. We can come to your place or whatever you like. You may drop your fleets off at our place, or we may handle your fleets at any location you want. Our services are backed with technology to improve fleets’ overall performance and uptime. Our highly qualified and trained professionals are focused on providing excellent preventive and maintenance care to your fleets. Our fleet maintenance services include:

Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales
3rd time coming here and every time they make me feel very welcomed! C.J. and Nick are very knowledgeable and WILL HELP you!
Blake Bolgiano
Blake Bolgiano
Great service
sunil tiwari
sunil tiwari
Overall customer service was excellent I highly recommend integrity Auto for your car services. Really impressed with Nick’s services. Thank you
Sathish kumar Rajasekar
Sathish kumar Rajasekar
Nick and Uji done the service very quickly for state inspection
peeyush aggarwal
peeyush aggarwal
Nik and CJ are very nice guy and the services are too good. Must visit place for inspection.
Trish S
Trish S
Nick and his team were quick and easy! They made you feel at home and they were very informative.
Anoop Kuruvila
Anoop Kuruvila
Prompt service and help from CJ and Nick
Will Douglass
Will Douglass
CJ and Nick did a fantastic job servicing my vehicle and identifying any issues. They made the process seamless and my truck is running noticeably better. 10/10 will come here again.

When To Get Your Fleets Serviced?

We are vigilant with our treatment options and give services to all vehicle types, including light trucks, SUVs, hybrids, electric vehicles, and domestic and foreign cars. We offer comprehensive service to your entire fleet regularly.

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Wheel Alignment

If your car pulls to one side and your steering wheel handling is getting poor, you need a Wheel alignment. It's a process where we will place it at an angle and compare it to your vehicle's body weight. Although most cars come with auto wheel alignment, your fleet may be serviced once every two years.

Driveline Problem

If your fleets have problems like clunking sounds, vibrations while driving, and difficulties taking turns, then you must opt for drivetrain services. We are specialists in repairing your drivetrain problems and will ensure the relaxation of services from our end.

Car Frame Repairs:

Driving through the city and across may cause damage to your fleet's body. Frame damage can lead to swaying and is highly unsafe. We offer repair services that are quick to opt for yet long to stay.

Transmission and Engine Issues:

As the fleets drive through the busy roads regularly, you may notice some problems like fluid leaks, burning smells, warning lights, and transmission slipping, all of which are indications that there's something Wong beneath the hood. Get it checked.

Minor Issues:

Other services you may need for your fleets are tire repair, mufflers and exhaust repairs, car frame repair, expert color matching, steering and suspension repair, air conditioning repair, heating service repair, new brakes, and more.

Annual Inspections:

Your vehicle has to be registered to move around the US, and you've got to do your annual inspection for vehicles. Safety is prioritized at Integrity 1st, so we'll look for certain things in your vehicles: Seat belts Brakes Steering, suspension chassis Tires Windshield Horn Mirrors Fuel leaks

How Often Should You Get Your Fleets Serviced?

Whether you have trucks that make deliveries or have fleets that travel hundreds of miles daily for the services, you need to make sure that the vehicles are spot-on to run smoothly on the roads.

Fleet maintenance managers usually schedule their fleet care services once monthly or bi-monthly. Some choose a standard 3000-mile maintenance plan, which is okay, too. Collecting records of individual vehicles in the fleet is better than letting your fleet maintenance company know about it. It will help with quick operations and corrections.

Fleet maintenance at 10,000 miles and beyond has to be done bi-monthly or once every two weeks so that you stay confident with your service.
Devise a plan with a fleet maintenance service manager for swift checking and corrections.

Our Fleet Maintenance And Repair Services Are Soon Going To Be Your Favorite

ASE-Certified for All Makes & Models

Your fleets will be our responsibility, as we want you to achieve your branding goals with your fleets. We have trained technicians at our place who make sure that your fleets stay in the best health.

Digital Vehicle Inspections with Every Service

We digitally inspect your fleets with our digitally powered tools and software. We provide transparent evaluation of your vehicles and allow you to make informed decisions about them.

FREE Uber Shuttle Service

We are passionate about offering you services that will make you fall for us forever. We will provide you with free Uber services for your fleet by providing pickup and drop-off at your desired location.

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Good fleet maintenance focuses on preventive care so issues are resolved before arrival. The benefits include the lower cost of repair and operational costs. Better outcomes appear to be achieved in vehicle testing and inspections as well. 

There are two types of fleet maintenance: preventive and emergency. Preventive maintenance is meant to look for problems and resolve them before the actual issue arises, while emergency fleet maintenance employs fixing problems then and there.

1)Choose reputable auto care for your fleets. To ensure your fleet stays in working order, get it serviced by a reputable and trustworthy repairer. 

2)Schedule your fleet maintenance beforehand to protect yourself from emergency service. 

3)Choose a reputable fleet service provider for prompt execution and correction.

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