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Do you know what is the heart of a steady, smooth ride on the road? That is an ideal grade suspension linked to your steering. Your suspension system comprises complex linkages that balance your car on the bumpy road. When one of the components fails, it drives excessive force on the others, causing it to work beyond limits. Want to get the linkages checked before you meet an undue situation? Contact Integrity 1st Automotive!

Steering And Suspension Repair Services Tailored For Your Vehicle

If your ride sounds more like a roller coaster, you just need an instant suspension repair. If your car bounces on the road unpredictably, then it’s the right time to take action for your safety and security. We provide a wide range of auto repair services with the intention of helping you achieve a stable, even, and smooth ride. Professional suspension and steering maintenance and repair include:

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Joseph Morales
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Blake Bolgiano
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sunil tiwari
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Sathish kumar Rajasekar
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peeyush aggarwal
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Your Car’s Steering And Suspension Problems Seek Us

Handling brake problems, and acceleration all depend on keeping tires firmly planted on the ground. It’s all done through a contact patch. Even the best tires in the world won’t be able to do their jobs if steering and suspension systems fail to keep the contact patch in contact with the pavement under any situation. Want your vehicles to escape road abuse? Get them checked with us instantly if you find any of these signs:

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Pulling To One Side

If your vehicle is pulled to one side, it indicates suspension issues or misaligned wheels. Hitting a pothole or damage to struts, springs, and joints causes malalignment. Get it inspected.

Bouncing on Bumps and Dips

If your vehicle’s suspension is a problem, it bounces excessively on the bumps and dips. Springs and shocks absorb road irregularities. Damaged struts fail to provide cushioning effects to give your vehicle a trampoline feel.

Difficulty Steering

Your vehicle's steering is closely linked to its suspension system. Any suspension issues can affect steering, such as pulling to one side. However, difficulty steering can also stem from low-power steering fluid, worn column bushings, or a failing pump. For safety, promptly visit Firestone Complete Auto Care for diagnosis and resolution.

How Often Should You Get Your Steering & Suspension Serviced?

If you’re particular about your vehicle’s performance and safety, you should religiously get your steering and suspension serviced. Get it inspected at least once a year or every 12000 to 15000 miles. However, you may get inspected if you notice unusual noises, vibrations, and difficulty in steering.

Make sure that you get it checked once annually, irrespective of miles, as over time, rubbers and hydraulic press deteriorate and might work well with repair rather than replacements.

The frequency with which you need to replace your car’s suspension components can vary depending on several factors, including the type of driving you do, the quality of the roads you typically drive on, and the design and quality of the suspension components themselves. In general, most modern car suspensions are designed to last for a long time, often well over 100,000 miles, before needing significant maintenance services or repair.

Why Are We This Reputed In the Auto Repair Industry?

ASE-Certified for All Makes & Models

We are empowered in terms of technology and manpower. We aim to provide your vehicles with exceptional horsepower and performance to run on the roads.

Digital Vehicle Inspections with Every Service

We inspect your vehicles with digital tools and aids to speed up the inspection process and provide you with all the details at the tips of your fingers.

FREE Uber Shuttle Service

We are convenient at providing our services. Our free Uber shuttle can pick up your vehicle from your desired location and drop you off at your place.

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If the roads were as smooth as glass, your vehicles wouldn’t need a suspension. But the reality is that roads have divots and bumps that jolt your vehicles up and down. Without a suspension system, the bumps will impact your vehicle’s frame. A suspension system allows you to have a smooth ride, resisting bumps when a car drives forward.

The cost varies with the amount of destruction and the model of your car. Suspension repair costs from $1000 to $2200. We recommend replacing both sides simultaneously to avoid stress on older parts.

  1. To check if you need new shocks, follow these steps:
    Stand at a vehicle corner above a wheel.
  2. Firmly push down on the vehicle body, bouncing it 3-4 times.
  3. Release and observe: if the bouncing stops after one rise and fall, the shocks are fine; if it continues, they’re likely worn.
  4. Use a flashlight to inspect for leaking hydraulic fluid, indicating faulty seals.

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