Is Your Car A/C Ready For Hot Summer Weather?

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Here in Texas, your car’s A/C can take quite a beating in the summer. Our ASE-Certified Technicians have put together their personal checklists that you can follow to ensure your vehicle’s air conditioner is ready to conquer the summer heat!



Your car’s AC system relies on refrigerant to keep you cool. However, over time the refrigerant can leak or run low, resulting in a warmer and less comfortable ride. If you notice that your AC isn’t blowing out cold air, it may be time to get a refill and have a professional take a look. The goal is just make sure that coolant is filled and clean, but the level of refrigerant has to match manufacturer’s specifications.


2. Are You A Fan Of Your Fans?

Turn the AC all the way and check to see that both fans are working and spinning. The majority of cars have a dedicated fan for radiator and one is for the condenser. Check in the front of the grill and make sure there’s nothing blocking the flow and making them not flow well. You’d be surprised but plastic bags are sometimes found in that space. Have a mechanic check the fan belt, they can use a set of AC gauges and make sure the readings are normal!


3. HOW’S YOUR CAR’S Compressor?

The compressor is the heart of your AC system. If it’s failing, then your AC won’t be able to push out cold air. Signs of compressor failure include strange noises or engine surging (The RPM’s will fluctuate). If you detect any of these symptoms, don’t wait to get it fixed because this could cause further damage to the major parts of your A/C system.


4. Don’t Ignore Your Filters!

Your car’s air filters collect dirt and debris, which can block the airflow and reduce the effectiveness of your AC system. Replacing or cleaning your air filters should be a routine maintenance task to keep your AC running smoothly.

Blower Motor are part of the filter system: if it is weak it will also make noises inside your car. You’ll hear a tapping noise, humming, or roaring.

Cabin air filters are mostly forgotten. The filter is behind the glove compartment and it will be filthy and worn out. If it is filthy the dust can go into the evaporator. The cabin air filter catches pollen and other allergens and will help reduce your allergy symptoms.



1. Freon leaks can happen and it can be simple as a shredded valve. If you don’t check it right away, it can cause bigger problems down the line with the compressor and the evaporator.

2. Over-filling can also stop the air conditioner so it is best to fill it to manufacturer’s specifications.

3. Leaking evaporators are actually the biggest repair job for the air conditioning unit as the dashboard needs to be removed to repair.

FUNNY STORY! A car came into our shop that was experiencing air conditioning failure. After a proper diagnostic, it turned out that there was nothing wrong with the AC cooling system! The car’s radiator was leaking and the car was actually turning off the AC system because the car was overheating. Therefore the technician had to replace the radiator to repair the problem.


BEST PRACTICE: Evac And Recharge

Make sure you have the level necessary of freon that your vehicle requires by manufacturer’s specification. Too much freon added will stop the AC as in usually seen in cases where people have self applied store purchased amount.

Evacuating and recharging your car’s air conditioning system involves removing old refrigerant from the system and then refilling it with new refrigerant. The process involves several steps and requires some specialized equipment. It’s always recommended that you take your car to a licensed automotive technician or an authorized service center for proper evacuation and recharge procedures. Doing this ensures that the process is carried out safely and properly, and that your car’s air conditioning system is working efficiently. It’s also worth noting that refrigerant is a hazardous substance and should be handled with care.

Don’t sweat it! By following the simple steps outlined above, you can make sure your car’s AC is summer-ready, so you stay cool, comfortable, and focused on the open road ahead. Get your AC Service done at any Integrity Automotive!

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