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Earning certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is no easy feat. Rest assured that ASE-Certified mechanics have the proven knowledge, experience, and expertise to service your vehicle.

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence


Have you ever gotten a recommendation from a car mechanic that didn’t work out? In all likelihood, almost everyone has. This is a problem that The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence started solving in 1972.They are an independent, nonprofit organization who have become the gold standard in verifying the talents, qualifications, and education for automotive industry professionals. In other words, the ASE certification is to automotive mechanics what an MD is to doctors. For an auto mechanic to complete their certification, they must undergo a rigorous process that requires in-shop experience in addition to theoretical knowledge. Moreover, to keep up with changing technologies, ASE Certifications expire and require recertification every few years!


There’s a Reason Not All Technicians Are ASE-certified


Here are three reasons why choosing an ASE-Certified Mechanic is important:


1. Getting ASE-Certified Is No Easy Feat


Aside from gaining the mandatory in-shop experience and educational requirements, applicants must pass a comprehensive exam. They are tested on a variety of topics including engines, transmissions, transaxles, drive-trains, axles, brakes, suspensions, electrical systems, HVAC and more! Only two thirds of test takers pass the ASE exam on their first attempt.



2. Always Up-To-Date With Vehicle Technology


We can all agree that cars on the road today are radically different from those 5-10 years ago. Everything from suspension to entertainment systems have become increasingly sophisticated. ASE-Certified mechanics must re-certify their credentials every few years! This means re-testing their knowledge on the latest automotive technology, manufacturer recommendations, best repair practices and more!


3. Mechanics Need To Love What They Do


The fact that your mechanic invested the time, energy, and expense to gain an ASE-Certification is symbolic of their passion for their work. This is the kind of passion every car owner wants from the person repairing their vehicle. Not only will you receive a superior quality of service; but an ASE-Certified technician will save you from the costs of misdiagnosis, receiving improper repair, and more importantly, they will maintain your safety and security on the road.


At The End Of The Day, It’s All About Trust. ASE Means Trust.


You hear it all the time in the automotive industry, “we fix it right the first time”. The only way an automotive repair facility can hold themselves to such a standard is by ensuring the professionals behind the hood of your vehicle are genuinely qualified to diagnose the problems and handle the repairs. That’s where the ASE comes in. We are proud to say that not only do we hire ASE-Certified technicians at Integrity 1st Automotive, but we invest in our passionate team members. We provide paid time-off to complete certification requirements in addition to covering the costs for educational materials and examination. That’s the Integrity difference.


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