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It is entirely possible, and frankly not that difficult, to go farther on a gallon of gas. Improving fuel economy not only saves you money but also helps the environment by reducing emissions!


From the cost of milk to the cost at the pumps…inflation is affecting every one of us. Now more than ever, every penny counts. For many of us in the DFW metroplex, we’re on the road a lot. To ensure you get every mile possible on every gallon you spend at the pumps, our ASE-Certified auto mechanics got together and helped us compile this list of proven and tested methods!


1. Pay Attention To Your Tires

Saves up to 8 cents per gallon

One of the easiest ways to improve fuel economy is to ensure your tires are inflated correctly. Surprisingly, over 25 percent of all vehicles on the road have improperly inflated tires. Not only does this reduce your gas mileage, but it causes premature tire wear. In addition to inflating your tires, getting your tires rotated and balanced will also instantly improve fuel efficiency.


2. Get The Junk Out Of The Trunk

Saves up to 6 cents per gallon

It may be time for you to clean out your trunk. By reducing the weight in your vehicle you can instantly increase fuel economy. In addition to improving gas mileage, you are also putting less stress on the rest of your vehicles components and systems such as the engine and brakes.


3. Use The Ideal Motor Oil For Your Vehicle

Saves up to 5 cents per gallon

Whether you decide to have professionals handle your oil changes or prefer to do it yourself, be sure you are using the ideal motor oil for your vehicle. This means finding the thinnest-viscosity motor oil recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.


4. Consider A Front-End Alignment

Saves up to 28 cents per gallon

We’ve all braced ourselves from the impact of running into potholes. Overtime these impacts lead to misalignment in your wheel system. A misaligned vehicle reduces mileage, causes premature tire wear, and forces your engine to work harder. If you notice your car pulling to one side or vibrates when driving, it may be time for you to get a wheel alignment.


5. Give Your Brakes A Break

Saves up to 99 cents per gallon

If you have your left-foot constantly pressing on the brakes when driving, you’re doing more damage than you think. Firstly, you wear out the pads and rotors prematurely. Secondly, you stress your vehicle’s system by constantly demanding tonnes of weight to stop. Lastly, your passengers will appreciate a smoother ride! If you feel your brakes aren’t performing as they should, come by for a free, no-pressure inspection of your brake pads and rotors.


6. Idling? Turn Off The Engine!

Saves up to 2 cents per gallon for every 2 minutes

One of the best ways to save gas is to simply turn off your car’s engine when idling. This includes sitting at an extended stoplight for more than 30 seconds. In fact, some newer vehicles automatically switch the engine off after a few seconds of idling for this very reason! Another fun fact, you don’t need to “warm up” the engine before driving – it’s a myth that costs you fuel!


7. Replace Your Dirty Air Filters

Saves up to 15% of fuel consumption

Think of your engine air filter as a vacuum. The suction strength is affected by obstructions in the bag. When the bag is full, emptying or replacing it brings the suction ability back to full strength! Similarly, if your engine air filter is clogged up with dust and debris, your engine will have to work harder to draw air to mix with fuel. Replacing your engine air filter will instantly bring improved fuel economy!


8. Slow Down And Enjoy The Ride

Saves up to 20 cents per gallon

While you don’t want to be a slowpoke on the road, there’s no need to lead the pack. When you constantly demand your vehicle to accelerate quickly, you force your engine to work harder than it needs to. Aside from accelerating, if you simply lower your overall speed you will notice immediate savings. To put it into perspective, you save about 7% on fuel consumption for every 5mph you reduce.


9. Fill Your Tank Early In The Morning Or Late At Night

Saves up to 8 cents per gallon

Fuel is dispensed by volume. If you plan ahead and fill your tank when it is coolest outside, often early in the morning or late at night, the fuel you receive will be more dense. In other words, by avoiding the Texan sun when at the pump, you will get more gas for the same amount of money!


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